Families Together School Year Report: Kids are Achieving their Goals!

Families Together School Year Report

Families Together Therapeutic Preschool is a preschool for highly stressed, low-income families with children who are at risk for a difficult transition into kindergarten. Families Together builds social–emotional competency and life skills through a relationship-based and child-focused early intervention program.

The 2015-2016 School Year Report includes information on the types of services provided in the Families Together Preschool, the growing risk factors of its students, and the developmental achievements that the preschoolers made throughout the year. 

Through on-site speech/language, occupational, and mental health therapies, in-home visits, family enrichment activities (like family outings), door-to-door bus transportation, basic needs support, and a trauma-informed curriculum, the Families Together Preschool is able to prepare children for kindergarten and help their parents and caregivers provide the foundation for their children to thrive. 

Here's what 4-Year-Olds in the Families Together Preschool can do:

  • Show eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • Seek adult help when needed to resolve conflicts
  • Begin to use simple strategies to solve mathematical problems
  • Show appreciation of books and reading
  • Perform some self-care tasks independently


To view the summary, see below. To read the full report, click here.

Families Together 2015- 2016 School Year Report -- Summary426.43 KB
Families Together 2015-2016 School Year Report -- Full Report2.06 MB


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