Success Stories

Bringing the Family Together Again

Jessica and her youngest son
Jessica and her youngest son

After a year separated, Lifetrack helps a family reconnect

“Since working with Lifetrack, I have learned how to communicate with my kids better. They helped me learn how to grow our trust, how I can model things for them and be a healthy parent. Lifetrack helped me establish the foundation work for healing my family.” --Jessica

A few years ago, Jessica was a single mom trying to do her best for her family. But after a series of unexpected tragedies, her world came crashing down. First, she lost her apartment. Next, she was attacked by a neighbor, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury and no way to work.

To cope, Jessica began drinking. But shortly she realized that she was in a downward spiral and needed some help. She decided to seek treatment at a women’s program focused on mental and chemical health. A few months into treatment, Jessica realized that her recovery was going to take a lot longer than she thought and decided to work with Child Protection Services to place her kids with a family she trusted for the long-term.

Jessica ended up being separated from her kids for a year. Once she was able to reunite with her kids, Child Protection Services referred Jessica to Lifetrack’s home visiting and therapeutic preschool program to help make the transition easier. At Lifetrack, Jessica found a community of support and the tools to help her family heal.