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MNHV - The Christophersons

The Christophersons

When parents learn their child is deaf or hard of hearing they often are overwhelmed with questions and welcome every opportunity to talk with someone who has walked a similar path. When young Harper Christopherson was diagnosed with hearing loss, her parents, Kyle and Tyler, quickly recognized the importance of meeting and connecting with other families who faced this challenge. Fortunately, the Christopherson family could turn to Minnesota Hands & Voices (MNHV), the first point of contact for families with a child identified at birth with a hearing loss.

Through Minnesota Hands & Voices, the family felt less isolated and better informed to make crucial decisions. The connections they made provided Harper with the opportunity to meet and see other children who use hearing aids and implants. For Kyle and Tyler, the connections became a network of supportive parents who faced the same uncharted territory.

 “I think back to those early months after the diagnosis of hearing loss and not knowing what that meant for raising a daughter or for her older sister. Within a short time of connecting to Minnesota Hands & Voices at Lifetrack, their resources and other families, we quickly saw that this is our family and we felt supported. Not just hope, but confidence,” shared Kyle.

Empowered with knowledge and support, the family now helps other parents traveling a similar path. Working with Anne, a MNHV Parent Guide, the Christophersons connected with a family just beginning the journey of life with a child with a hearing loss. Tyler & Kyle have shared positive information and insights, and built a new friendship.

Says Anne: “One of my favorite things to do in my job is to help parents connect with other parents when they’re new to the system. It’s a lot of information, it’s a new landscape and it can be pretty daunting, but we are fortunate to have a strong community across Minnesota where we are able to find a great match for new families.”