Success Stories

Wyatt, Child & Family Healthy Development


Wyatt first came to Lifetrack at age seven with a diagnosis of Asperger’s and ADHD and previous surgeries for webbed fingers.

Wyatt’s mother was concerned with delays in self-care, illegible handwriting, and poor focus. She expressed frustration with the lack of services available in the school setting and experienced limited success with sensory strategies on their own.

Thanks to Lifetrack’s therapy services, Wyatt was able to work with an occupational therapist on hand strengthening activities, practice with fasteners, and self regulations skills. Wyatt’s family incorporated activities into their daily lives and played a vital role to see that gains made in therapy carried over to home and school.

Today at age ten, Wyatt’s hand strength and attention span have improved and he can sit and write for 17 minutes up from 3 minutes when he began therapies. He manages clothing fasteners and shoe laces independently and is able to participate in family functions in public, including eating in restaurants with silverware.

Lifetrack is proud of Wyatt and his accomplishments including his success in school and his fine motor skills he uses to make detailed drawings.