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Child playing with video camera

Lifetrack for Kids a Success

In August, Lifetrack launched its first-ever on-line campaign through crowd-funding site Indiegogo. Thanks to the support and generosity of everybody who contributed to make this campaign a success and helped us reach our goal!
Molly Park

Donor Spotlight: Molly Park

"Throughout her journey with Lifetrack from staff to volunteer board member to donor, Molly has been impressed that, “Lifetrack has remained true to its roots, but has continued to evolve to respond to the needs of the time. Lifetrack invests in people and helps the community long-term.”

Work & Life Balance

"It is pretty astounding how much matters so little over the long term. I've found the 9-9-9 rule to lend a sense of mindfulness to the moment and to the activity at hand. It's given me a sense of peace knowing that I'm right where I'm supposed to be, right at this moment in time."
Tyler Sadek

Minnesota's Push to Hire More People with Disabilities

The Minnesota Business Leadership Network is helping companies hire people with disabilities and veterans.
Lifetrack and Light Rail

Register for the Frogtown Hop!

Lifetrack will be hosting a restaurant crawl along the Green Line. Register for this event to network with other young professionals who are interested in building a stronger community.