Bix Produce Receives Lifetrack's Community Partner Award

Bix Produce Staff with Lifetrack Staff
Lifetrack Staff with Charles Rafowicz, Director of Human Resources, Bix Produce

Lifetrack’s Immigrant and Refugee Services has developed many partnerships with businesses in the Metro area to help refugees secure employment. One company Lifetrack has built a strong partnership with is Bix Produce in St. Paul. Lifetrack has provided pre-screened and qualified job candidates to fill open positions.

Since January 2013, 21 job seekers were hired as full-time employees, with benefits. Lifetrack’s Immigrant and Refugee Services helped job seekers with job applications, interviews, job orientation and transportation. After clients were hired by Bix Produce, Lifetrack assisted the individuals with any employment or post-placement issues.

Bix Produce Company is pleased with their partnership with Lifetrack and continues to work with Lifetrack to hire qualified candidates. Bix Produce’s turnover rate has declined because their partnership with Lifetrack provides them with well qualified, dependable candidates.

Lifetrack’s staff was at job orientation to translate safety material to Burmese, Karen and Karenni. On June 17th, 2014 Lifetrack gave award for Bix Produce Company for Outstanding Community Partnership.






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