Elliot, U L.E.A.D Participant, Finds Success

Elliot joined Lifetrack’s U L.E.A.D program (formerly YouthLEAD) as an 18-year-old homeless Youth who had never had a job and was desperate to complete his G.E.D.

Elliot was sleeping in a tent by the river when he began his journey to success in U L.E.A.D program. Nonetheless, he arrived to every appointment early and fulfilled baby steps until all of his goals were successfully completed. Elliot worked with U L.E.A.D program staff to compile a resume that highlighted his volunteer experience when he was enrolled in high school. He was eager to learn how to look for a job and to practice interviewing.

It didn’t take long for Elliot to land a warehouse job earning $10 per hour. And soon after they realized Elliot’s high level of accountability and ability to work effectively with a team, they soon advanced Elliot in his position by giving him more hours each week.

Shortly after obtaining his first job, Elliot got to work practicing for his G.E.D. test. He obtained his G.E.D. in a few short months, building his employability and credentials. And then finally, 6 months after joining U L.E.A.D program at Lifetrack, Elliot secured permanent housing. This was the culmination of his dedication and perseverance. Elliot was also recently recognized by Ramsey County as a Youth of Distinction. 


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