Candace Lindow-Davies Nominated for Family Leadership Award

Director of MN Hands & Voices, Candace Lindow-Davies
Director of MN Hands & Voices, Candace Lindow-Davies

Candace Lindow-Davies, Director of MN Hands & Voices, was nominated for the National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) "Family Leadership Award" by her colleagues on the MN EHDI Committee. The award was created to recognize a parent or family member of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing for providing exemplary leadership in their state EHDI system.

Candace has been the director of MNHV since late 2000. Her son, Lucas, is deaf and currently enrolled in college while also working at part-time at Best Buy. She and her son were clients of Lifetrack, which led her to being hired to start the parent support program. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that parents with children who are deaf or hard of hearing have a place at the table. Candace has significantly expanded the reach and breadth of support that MN Hands & Voices provides to families.

"I think a lot of us who go into this field have been called to do so, because that is just what you needed to do. Someone helped you, and you want to pay it forward because you don't want someone else to have to struggle." explained Candace.

Candace said there were 14 parents who were nominated for the award and the recipient of the award received a beautiful wooden sculpture. The rest of the nominees received a book that was inscribed by many leaders in the community.

When asked how she felt about receiving the nomination she said, "The people who were nominated with me were the people I look up to, and so to be mentioned among their names that was probably the thing that was most humbling to me."

It is bittersweet to announce that Candace will soon leave her role with Lifetrack to serve as Project Manager with Hands & Voices Headquarters. Candace Lindow-Davies has been instrumental in growing Minnesota Hands & Voices and designing a singular statewide model that demonstrates strong positive outcomes for families. We want to thank Candace for her 16 years of service and for her remarkable dedication to the indispensable, heartwarming, and educational community that is Minnesota Hands & Voices.


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