Livable wage jobs + financial skills = bright new futures. Just take a look at Kristin’s story!

Kristin, Employment Services Participant
Kristin, Employment Services Participant

Kristin came to Lifetack as a young mom, hoping to find a more stable and fruitful career.

After completing a five-month construction training program, Kristin immediately found work building houses through a temporary contract with a home builder. Then, she was hired on with a local construction union. With the significant sudden wage increase, Lifetrack career counselors assisted Kristin with establishing a bank account, savings account, and guided her to a representative for the union’s retirement plan.

Once she determined how much money would be deducted from each of her paychecks, we helped her download a free monthly financial planning app. Then, we stayed in touch to help plan out her finances each month for the first three months, followed by six-month and one-year check-ups.

In just a year, here are all of the things that Kristin accomplished:

•Established a checking & savings account.

•Received approval for rental housing within the first 90 days.

 •Built up her credit score with a VISA debit card.

•Created a budget to pay cash for holiday gifts & birthdays, which prevented her from going in debt, like in the past.

•Established a retirement account and scheduled monthly contributions.

•Purchased a used car with CASH, which gets her reliably to the construction site.

•Saved more than $7,000 in her first year of working in the construction field.

• After 12 months, she was approved as a first time homebuyer.

With help from our supporters, Kristin got the opportunity to build a new life for her family!


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