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As a Lifetrack supporter, you are a champion for a stronger, more compassionate community. You help families overcome disparities in health, education, and income so that they can truly thrive in Minnesota. 
There is no other human services agency quite like Lifetrack. We work in the most vulnerable areas in the community. Families that come to Lifetrack face multiple barriers, have messy lives, and don’t fit squarely into one simple box. They come to us seeking a way forward and upward, a way to give their children a chance at a better life. And you help us offer that chance.
A Hmong refugee who is new to America and suffering from the effects of PTSD, finds meaningful work — all through a Lifetrack program developed specifically for immigrants seeking work, while facing mental health challenges.
A 4-year-old child who witnessed domestic violence comes to a preschool where she learns both her ABCs and how to process her experiences, with a Child Psychologist by her side. This preschool, with on-site mental health, speech/language, and occupational therapists, is the only one of its kind in Ramsey County, Minnesota.
We customize our approach to help each individual succeed. We take the time to understand each person’s circumstances and strengths. Each person who walks through our doors is seen for the whole of who they are. Our services are based on authentic relationships — a foundation that makes our work more effective and our reach longer lasting...
That’s why 76 percent of people who came to us looking for work are succeeding in the same jobs a year later. And why 96 percent of preschoolers, despite challenges like poverty and traumatic experiences, graduate meeting age-appropriate developmental milestones, and are able to thrive in a kindergarten setting.
For almost 70 years, Lifetrack has been a pillar of the community, adapting to the needs of the families we serve and responding to the environment we work in... But here’s the thing — we need you. I’m asking you to help us continue to do this work.
We are able to serve families so well because we have supporters like you who understand how vital this work is.
For $125, you can provide a job seeker with a financial literacy training session, where they will learn how to manage their family’s income and save for the future.
For just $50, you can provide one child with a full day of therapeutic preschool, where they will build resilience against challenges and prepare for success throughout their school years.
Please consider making a donation today to support Lifetrack and all of the families on their journeys to success and resilience. You can donate online here.
Thank you for supporting the programs at Lifetrack. We are filled with gratitude for community champions like you!

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