Swing, Spin, Slide: Lifetrack’s Renovated Therapeutic Playground Will Help Kids Heal and Grow

Lifetrack Therapeutic Playground
Lifetrack Therapeutic Playground

For many preschoolers, Lifetrack is a place of joy, connection, and learning. And now, with the renovation of Lifetrack’s playground, it’ll be an even more exciting place to play!

Last month, the playground at Lifetrack underwent major renovations, a project funded entirely through donations to Lifetrack's Campaign for Hope.

Play therapy is an important part of Lifetrack’s therapeutic preschool. Mental health therapists and teachers use play therapy techniques to help children express their thoughts and emotions, find solutions to problems and learn how to socialize with other kids, all in the “kid language” of play.

“This new renovation will really help our kids enjoy the outdoors more,” says Families Together Assistant Director, Jessica Conley. “The new playground provides a healthy environment to help kids regulate their bodies and build relationships naturally with teachers and other children in the class.”  

The new playground will offer kids more accessibility, better shade, and create safe, challenging opportunities for the children to grow. The improvements focused on enhancing the preschoolers’ play outside, while ensuring that the playground is safe and secure.

Some of the features of the playground include a double-slide, a climbing wall, and a tire swing. The final part of the project will be the installation a new security fence, which will ensure that the children stay safely inside the playground and others can't get in without being cleared by a staff member.

Families Together Therapeutic Preschool works with highly-stressed children to build social, emotional and life skills through a relationship-based early intervention program that includes half-day classes, home visits, and on-site mental health, speech/language, and occupational therapy.

The renovation of Lifetrack’s therapeutic playground is funded through generous donations to Lifetrack's Campaign for Hope, which focuses on improving Lifetrack's infrastructure, building capacity and increasing impact.

Thank you to the many generous donors who helped make this new playground possible:

Boss Foundation, Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation, FR Bigelow Foundation, Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation, Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation, Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation, John and Ruth Huss Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, Saint Paul Foundation, in addition to the Lifetrack Board of Directors and additional anonymous donors.