Success Stories

Dan, Employment & Economic Opportunity

Dan and his Seeing Eye dog Grady

Many years ago, diabetes took Dan’s eyesight and a kidney.

Dan successfully received a kidney donated by his sister but has had to learn to live without his eye sight.

Since Dan did not feel comfortable using a white cane, he chose to adopt a Seeing Eye Dog. Dan felt his life took a turn for the better after adopting his energetic and trusted companion.

In 2007, Dan decided to leave his job as a contract trainer for State Services for the Blind in search of more regularly scheduled employment. He was referred for job placement services with Lifetrack Resources Community Employment. Dan began working as a customer service representative for Apogee Retail, where he mastered this job quickly, and has earned a raise in the year he has worked there. Dan hopes to advance his career further in the customer service field. 

Dan has overcome many obstacles due to his pleasant, professional disposition, along with his superior attention to detail and proven tenacity.