Success Stories

Russ, Employment & Economic Opportunity


 After working in retail for over ten years, Russ looked to his employment counselor at Lifetrack Resources for assistance in finding not only a new job but hopefully a career that would be both enjoyable but fulfilling work.

Russ applied and was successfully hired at REM Minnesota, a company that runs group homes for people with disabilities, and was assigned to a home with four gentlemen with a variety of disabilities. While a little hesitant about how it would work, Russ found that the residents quickly warmed to him.

His career just continued to grow from then on. Russ was offered the opportunity to work with his local state legislator to try and stop cuts for the disability group his company works with.

This last year, Russ has seen even more success. When his supervisor announced she was leaving she made a point of recommending him for her replacement. After some consideration, Russ interview for the job and was offered the position! He is now the supervisor the group home.

While Russ continues to grow in his career he has also managed to still keep a volunteer position where he monitors court cases for an organization called Watch, something he still gets a lot of pleasure doing. Russ is also now an author has he has recently written a book about his experiences as well!