Success Stories

Tavi, Child & Family Healthy Development

Tavi, Child & Family Healthy Development Client

Tavi was referred to the Families Together Therapeutic Preschool when he was 3 years old. Upon beginning school, Tavi was very passive, shutdown, and appeared to have retreated within himself. His teachers and therapists described him as frightened and looked at the world as a scary place. What could you expect from a child that at such a young age had witnessed more life-changing incidents than many will experience in their lifetimes?

Over the past two years his teachers have worked with Tavi and his family in the classroom and at home to help him learn to build trusting relationships with others.

Today, Tavi is a leader in the classroom and has lots of friends at school. He can often be found helping his classmates when they are having a difficult time. He has also learned to use his words to express his needs. Tavi is currently learning to write his name and takes pride in the things that he does at school. His teachers are confident that he will be ready for kindergarten in the fall!