Message from the President

TrixieAnn Girtz Golberg, Lifetrack CEO & President
TrixieAnn Girtz Golberg, Lifetrack CEO & President

Diversity and resilience are two terms you, our donors, have told us that you value.

At Lifetrack, diversity means a range of differences, alliances and inclusion among different groups of people, and understanding, respecting, and valuing individual uniqueness. Resilience includes elasticity and strength, the capacity to recover, reform, and reshape after adversity, and the ability of families, communities, and economies to thrive.

Without your commitment to diversity and resilience, Lifetrack could not exist. It is resilience that moves people on the path to educational success, employment advancement, and individual and family health and well-being. Diversity opens doors so that community and economic resilience can exist. At its founding, Lifetrack volunteers and donors like you embraced diversity and forged ahead in championing individuals with disabilities living and working in their communities.Thanks to the generosity of the community, Lifetrack invested in individual and family resilience through the first-of-its-kind child- and parent-centered interventions for change.

Today, Lifetrack reflects the legacy of its earliest donors by creating pathways for every individual to participate in the workforce and contribute to and benefit from the economic vitality of their community equitably. Thanks to you, our legacy as champions for vulnerable children and families is reinforced daily and provides a demonstrable return on investment. When caring people unite, all can achieve their greatest potential. Thank you for your continued support. 


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